Cutting Edge Landscaping

Seasonal Color

Enjoy living color!

Proper planning and expert installation and maintenance can give your yard gorgeous, changing colors throughout Georgia’s long growing season. From sassy splashes of spring color provided by early-blooming flowers and shrubs to eye-popping autumn accents, we can help your landscape provide year-round beauty.

Seasonal color creates a great first impression of your property, adds value, and makes your outdoor space more enjoyable throughout the year. Our creativity can help you create a stunning display of living color, and our expert maintenance will make sure it stays healthy.

Planning for success

Expert planning is critical for success in fall color plantings. Our designers can help you:

We can also help you think outside the flower box: Color doesn’t just come from flowers – the hues of spring and fall foliage, exotic leaf patterns, and unusual bark and stem colors can also add unique touches to your outdoor color scheme. From the smallest planting area to the largest residential or commercial landscape, we can help you color your world.

Give Cutting Edge Landscaping a call today to find out how seasonal color can take your property from drab to fab!