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Chemical Application & Fertilization

It’s your turf: Protect it!

Ever wonder why some Georgia lawns seem to stay healthy and green, while others are plagued by weeds, bare spots, and poor appearance? The answer can be found in turf management.

Proper turf management requires skilled personnel who are trained to respond to the needs of each client’s unique property. The healthiest turf is a result of carefully applied scientific knowledge. The various types of turf grass prevalent in the central Georgia area demand a thorough knowledge of turf establishment, maintenance, and problem resolution.

With help from the professionial at Cutting Edge Landscaping, you can have confidence in the year-round appearance and health of your lawn, athletic field, or public area. We constantly update our knowledge of turf management and fertilizer technologies to provide the best services available in the middle Georgia region.

We also specialize in turf care for athletic facilities. Athletic fields not only require special knowledge of the type of turf, but the use to which the turf will be put. Multi-sport athletic facilities are subject to heavy wear and need constant care to maintain good health and appearance. We work with you to create a complete care plan that fits the needs of your facility, so your athletic fields look great for every game.

In addition to maintaining the most beautiful residential properties in Georgia, we provide turf management services for:

Fertilization: Living the lush life

Like all plants, grasses of all types need specific nutrients to maintain health growth. The soil in Georgia can range from heavy clay that can become concrete-like in our hot summers, to sandy soils that do not retain moisture and nutrients. As with turf maintenance, creating the correct fertilization program for your property requires a plan based on the type of grass, soil tests to determine nutrient needs, and planned uses for the lawn.

With the plethora of commercial fertilizers available to the homeowner, you would think fertilization is a simple task. The truth is, incorrect application of fertilizers can lead to real problems, from poorly performing lawns to damage to grass and other plants to dangers from chemical accumulation.

Why does fertilization require a trained professional?

Timing – Fertilization is not just about adding the right nutrients to your soil, it’s about adding them at the right times of year to maximize the plant’s use of those nutrients, thus minimizing the amount required.

Chemical burning – With fertilizers, there can definitely be too much of a good thing. “More is better” never applies to fertilization plans; in fact, too much fertilizer can “burn” your lawn, causing long-lasting, unsightly bare spots that can be expensive to rectify.

Plant destruction – One size does not fit all: Choose the wrong fertilizer, and grasses and plants can be damaged or killed.

Environmental harm – Pollution from runoff caused by rain or improperly adjusted irrigation systems can be a danger to wildlife and groundwater.

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