Cutting Edge Landscaping

Go Green

It isn’t easy being green

Did you ever stop and think about how many landscaping businesses really aren’t … green?

With the use of all kinds of gasoline-powered lawn care equipment, the carbon footprint of a typical landscaping business can be surprisingly large. That’s why at Cutting Edge Landscaping, we believe that in addition to keeping your landscape beautiful, we also have a responsibility to help care for the environment.

We use organic fertilizers, which not only eliminate unneeded chemicals from the environment, but help reduce the environmental impact of the fertilizer manufacturing process. We have also lowered our carbon footprint – the exhaust gasses produced when fossil fuels are burned – by switching our mowers to clean-burning propane. How much cleaner is propane compared to gasoline? Propane contains 50% less lead and sulphur than gasoline, the leading causes of acid rain!

Why do we go the extra green mile? Because it is our responsibility to the environment, to our community, and to our clients.

Save some green!

Being green doesn’t only help protect the environment, environmentally smart landscaping practices can help save Georgia property owners money. According to the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office, homeowners can realize real savings on energy costs from the simple act of planting a tree.

The right landscaping management practices can also help conserve water. UGA’s College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences has shown how Best Management Practices for landscape water conservation can help reduce water usage.

From placement of trees and plants to water features and irrigation to concrete structures, you need expert advice and services to get the most use, enjoyment and savings from your landscaping investment. Want to find out how the right landscaping practices can help you save money? Contact the experts at Cutting Edge Landscaping today to find out how the right landscaping practices can put money in your pocket!